New Computer – Time to replace my MacBook Air

I’ll freely admit that I am a Microsoft Windows person. Even before I worked in IT, I preferred Windows. Living in the Microsoft enterprise ecosystem for many years has reinforced those preferences. Thing is, I am not obsessed with Microsoft, I am not a fanboi. I see a spot where technology can make my life better or easier and choose the best device to fit that need. Usually it is a Windows based product. Dabbling in Linux is fun, but my desktop has always been Windows based.

There have been two exceptions so far. The first is the iPad. It came out at a time when I was about to go to the rectal cavity of Australia (Alice Springs) for a week (for work). I needed something to amuse me through long flights and drunken fights outside my hotel room and the iPad performed splendidly. I still have it, although it is a glorified brick because pretty much every app requires a newer version of iOS. That’s fine though. I use Android phones, so late last year I bought a Galaxy Tab S2 and have been happy ever since.

The other was when I was shopping for a new laptop 4 years ago. I grew tired of big bulky plastic bricks and the MacBook Air was extremely enticing. I had used OSX a couple of times, but never seriously so I was hesitant. Apple have placed a premium on their devices usability so I thought it would be ok. It is such a wonderful piece of hardware. Battery lasts forever, screen is nice, trackpad very functional. Even OSX is good for the most part. There have been very few features from Windows or its associated hardware that I haven’t been able to replicate on OSX.

They’re expensive though, and my MacBook Air now features 2 pixel wide lines running down the screen. A couple months ago the trackpad went from giving nice satisfying clicks to feeling spongy. I am a writer, and I also work from home in IT so I am on my MacBook a lot. It is working fine for now, but I cannot afford to be without a reliable work machine. It is time to look for a replacement.

I contemplated another MacBook but damn they are so expensive for what you get! Working in two different application ecosystems is very annoying and it was time to go back to Windows. Many of my day to day applications are available in both Mac and Windows versions, but not everything. And like Windows phone, it is those couple of apps that aren’t available that are the most frustrating.

To go on a slight tangent, I am very left brained being super analytical and structured. I don’t know if IT did that to me, or if that is why I slipped into IT so easily. Writing requires both hemispheres and I have worked to develop my right brain. For the longest time I thought I had no creativity, but that is nonsense. It is there, but it is a muscle that requires work.

My method of exercising the right brain has been art and writing. I am without a doubt the worst artist in the world, but I still enjoy it and that feeling when you realise that your right brain has kicked in is like a drug. To bring this back to the topic of the post, I have seriously considered a Surface Pro 4 for a long time. I would love to get a Wacom Intuous Pro, but considering it is only a part time hobby at best, it feels expensive. But if I could get a device that would allow me to write, work and draw, it sounds like a win-win!

The Surface Pro 4 is great but why is it so buggy? I know people who have had no issues with it, and some who are on their 3rd or 4th device now because it keeps breaking. That scares me because I need a reliable device for work. That is why I am shopping for a new device in the first place! So the Surface Pro 4 is out.

I intend to stick with the Ultrabook form factor. I love its battery life and portability. My Windows PC does the intensive tasks such as video editing and gaming. My Ultrabook only needs OneDrive, Office, a Browser and a few other things to be suitable.

So I will keep shopping for a device that fits my needs and budget. HP and ASUS both have devices that tempt me. The ASUS Zenbook 3 stirs up especially erotic feelings in me! It is expensive, but is on special at a local retailer at the moment so we’ll see. When I finally take the plunge, I’ll let you know what I get.