My New Computer – HP Spectre x360

I finally replaced my aging Apple MacBook Air.  I originally considered an Asus Zenbook, but in the end I went with the HP Spectre x360.  Very nice machine which features a capable stylus; this gives me many of the benefits of a Surface Pro without the bugs.

While I am about 90% happy with my purchase, there are two niggling issues I have with it.  First, the power button is on the left hand side.  Accidentally placing the computer into sleep mode has happened on multiple occasions and it is never not annoying.  The other issue is the touchpad.  Apple know how to make an easy to use precise touchpad and this is a noticeable step down in quality.  I have tweaked the settings to make it better, but it still feels off.  It isn’t a big problem as I simply adjust how I use it to suit.

Those are the only negatives though.  The screen and slim form factor are great.  My old MacBook Air feels like a giant brick compared to this; it is so light.  The screen is reversible which is a nice touch.  The battery life is not as good, but I get close to a full days work out of a charge.  Anyway, I am never far from electricity so it is not a problem.

It has some flaws, but the price was good and it is very capable.  The reversible touchscreen with stylus is very useful for me so it was an easy decision.