Follow Up To Going News Free

About six weeks ago, I was feeling bogged down with the stress of life.  My solution was to cut down the negative influences that I felt were weighing me down.  Now that some time has passed, I thought I would revisit the topic; how I went, am I still news free, etc.  This included News websites and following certain people and organisations on Social Media.

To make a long blog post short, I am no longer news free.

I have cut down the volume of news I consume, and I still purposefully stay away from topics that I know are toxic for me.  It is unrealistic to avoid everything and it is important for me to be informed; but there are limits.  I still avoid certain news topics and social media accounts.  I have found Google News quite useful because it allows me to curate my own news experience and filter out news topics or outlets that I do not like.  It keeps me informed about the major events of the world and my local community without the as much of the weight.

Going cold turkey was an interesting experience, but I am glad that I took the step; it has improved my mood.